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We carved punkins yay! And they look awesome.

The one on the left is Robyn's and the one on the right is mine. I think they came out pretty good and we have toasty pumpkins seeds ummmmmmmmm

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The explains it all

I would advise you all pass this on to everyone you know.



That is all....

This is the ghost I would be

I would totally be the ghost on the fridge...just saying. I am a bit of an asshole LOL

OMG....This is totally forums!

These are the words to the song and this is the source. Its set to "Gives you Hell"

I wake up every morning
And I head to my PC
To read about PS3
But when I check the gaming forum
Your mistakes are all I see
A grammatical catastrophe

I would like to chat but you just can’t spell, you should learn to spell
It’s not spelled like that, you should learn to spell you should learn to spell

I’d like to make suggestions…but I can’t read what you write, and I’m trying with all my might
When I posted some corrections, I didn’t mean to start a fight, but the thread flamed on all night

Well maybe you’re dyslexic
Or maybe you’re a moron

When you’re talking games you know who to blame if you just can’t spell
At your favorite site you should spell it right you should learn to spell
This goes for Wii and 360 and PC as well
It’s all hard to read so you simply need to learn how to spell
Gotta learn to spell

I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, that it’s just words on a screen
Everybody knows what I mean

But numbers aren’t letters
And U and R are words

Well your NeoGAF message made them laugh cause you could not spell
Over at GameSpot reputation’s shot cause you just can’t spell
And they agree at Quarter to Three and GamersHell
You might try again at IGN once you learn to spell

So it’s I before E except after C
And sometimes “its” does not need an apostrophe
But you don’t even care about “they’re,” “there,” and “their”
It’s like you learned to speak from texting on your cell

When you’re talking games we know who to blame if you just can’t spell
At your favorite site you should spell it right you should learn to spell
If a dictionary’s kinda scary, what the hell?
Then you’re a fool, go back to school and learn to spell

On the internet, this is what you get, people who can’t spell [you should learn to spell]
On the gaming boards, you will be ignored if you just can’t spell [you should learn to spell]
Do only fools use grammar rules where the gamers dwell?
The written word seems so absurd when you can’t spell [you should learn to spell]
I wrote this song cause you typed it wrong and you couldn’t tell [you should learn to spell]
It’s not much fun as the only one here who can spell

Want to know what to say to someone blathering on about how gay marriage is wrong and a violation of religious freedom and "straight" rights? Watch the video and feel free, actually, look up the points. This makes sense. Maybe it and its information can be used to silence the ever deafening wails of the "Christians". I use that term EXTREMELY loosely.